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Sat, Sep. 10th, 2005, 09:53 pm

let's see, went into town for a quiet couple with zoe, ollie, hannah etc ended up in the mash tun decided i was in the mood to carry on went round to janey's!! legend.
Saw jane's house briefly went round the corner to some other house and drank a bottle of wine in the tiny kitchen with about 10 people in it, created a game loosly based on the lottery "it's an ellie roll over" which basically involved rolling this girl over everyone out of the kitchen when she needed a piss. it was impressive at the time. danced a bit sang to basementjax with kitchen utensils then realised the party was shite so we all went onto somewhere else drank more wine blagged some vodka was there a bit then went next door over the garden wall to a next party lost my jumper and got proppper pissed and then not sure.
Took a propper drop on theway back to janeys, cut myself a few times when i met the pavement ate some pavlova and then it all goes blank untill i woke up in some girls bed, not sure if anything happened span out a bit remembered she was janes flat mate had tea said goodbye and walked home looking messy.
had some time to kill while i wait for hot water so updated live journal.

Fri, Sep. 9th, 2005, 10:19 am

went to london did the whole fashion styling thing, it went really well. apparently they want me back for another shoot some time so it's all good but didn't get any free stuff.
saw loads of old friends ponced about looking trendy in w11 which bought back the old days, decided i love london again, until i had to return to east, then the realisation it's a bit of a dream and ain't gonna happen arrived and decided brighton will do for now.
Got back to brighton friday night, swam in the sea saturday then went to nicks drank wine got up to pissed behaviour, tim ended up with a mohawk. Sunday ended up meeting a friend in the pub on the way home after wondering into town with that bunch of reprobates.
General drinking all week australian round monday night, out with zoe tuesday open mic night with fucking hot bloke wednesday thursday................boogaloo
some fat bitch threw half my pint over me
Tried to dump the australian but he wasn't having any of it, finally did that this morning and am feeling propper shit. shouldn't have pulled seven (i still win) blokes infront of him, maybe i deserved the pint but not from some random fat slag who has nothing to do with any of it. But he's to nice to do that so has some oppinionated twat without a clue but a spine to do his dirty work, not that i can talk i should have been blunter when i spoke to him.
Anyways drunk with australian all day then went to nicks and drunk some more where a strange idea of a pulling competition arose (as if i don't have a bad enough name for myself) and it all got rather messy. pulled Jaret after our chat, think that pissed mia off, pulled ella which pissed mia off, pulled some bloke who use to do my course at uni he bought me a pint it pissed mia off ....you get the picture. Was pulling some random teenager i'[ve seen about but then mia turned up grabbed my drink and threw it on me, i really pissed her off but life goes on

Mon, Aug. 29th, 2005, 04:07 pm
dull week

Monday had the australian randomer from boogaloo over, who turned out to be not as goodlooking as i had expected, thanks all for building up expectations. But was quite a nice boy, not exactly my type a bit scene but oh well.
Tuesday decided to concentrate on my fashion styling job which consists of blagging free clothes whcih has been going quite well so next week i am going free shopping in london which should be fun. chilled out and carried on blagging till thursday when to celebrate went to boogaloo.
Decided not to get to pissed as i obviously had been the previous week, four random people decided to inform me of this fact. One of whom i'd given my phone number which was the main inspiration for behaving myself as had no recollection of him giving him my number or much of the previous weeks boogawhatever. rejected lots of advances on the dance floor as wasn't really in the mood for pulling some random homo, met monday boys friends who all said how lovely i was. Get the feeling he might want some sort of relationship from all the texts being sent but have avoided meeting up as i'm not that interested. Wondered home with some bloke i'd been avoiding all night, he was quite friendly but left him at my door as wasn't interested.
Friday night was the YMCA themed homo birthday party which i had to attend out of duty so splashed out a combined 7 quid for two bottles of wine and policemans costume and turned up to a pretty dry house party with a few mates and people off my course, nearly went to pavtav but decided against the extra expendature, instead missioned it to drink all the alchohol in the house with some funny bloke i met there, last thing i remember untill saturday morning was drinking vodka wine and archers in the same glass. Woke up saturday with numerous cuts and bruises but in my own bed so somehow managed the trek it home and probably fell on the way. ah well
Chilled saturday as wasn't feeling particularly good and meant i could get up early and do the car boot sale by the station on sunday. Bought a few bits, spent 3.50 on an entire outfit and bought some bone dice. Decided not to do the wild fruit bit and sat on the beach sunday night smoking a few joints and chatting to my flat mate and her friend.
Today arranged london and am leaving tomorrow for a week of being in a propper city.

Sun, Aug. 21st, 2005, 09:30 pm
where to start

I'm not going to cover my whole summer so i'll limit myself to this weekend or thursday as that was messy to.
Got so pissed i don't remember much but started off with a mate of mine at alicats n listening to dnb having a few beers and then on to see what the poofs were up to at boogaloo, mistake, as wasn't up for cheesy pop and i think the reason i drunk like a fish all night. pulled some random but apparently good looking australian n took him back to mine i think for sex (what a whore). Whatever happened i'm not sure but woke up on friday on my flatmates floor dressed and feeling rough. luckily he left a note which explained parts but not much, thankfully i don't think we did the sex. phew.
Then house party's last two nights so a good weekend but the cider for breakfast wasn't to hot an idea.
To get the full story we have to rewind somewhat, Met a bloke at boogaloo and ended up spending fagot fest (pride) with him (hello if your reading) n been chilling with him a bit since, meeting loads a people n ended up at a mate of his's party, met loads more people, fucking excellent. did a bit of dnb hopping and ended up in the clauset (how fitting) at 4 am with a few people smoking chatting and avoiding sleep or the walk home. Eventually got back and watched donnie darko while discussing the merits of Jake Gyllenhaal, i couldn't see any, but whatever floats your boat. crashed out to again wake up in someone else's bed feeling and looking like shit with only the prospect of the walk home to get me out of bed. Ended up wasting the day infront of the evil telly box and ps2 before returning to my beautiful new flat to face the crater the weekend has left on my bank balance and household chours. now here i am wasting some more time and keeping busy alll at once
safe laters and role on next weekend.
p.s i aint a dirty whore and don't only ever go to boogaloo just often bump into people and end up on a random sofa. just to clear that up as reading it back I may have given that impression